What is A.R.T.

Areola Reconstructive Tattooing (A.R.T.)

 What is A.R.T.

A.R.T. stands for Areola Reconstructive Tattooing. It is a form of tattooing in which pigments are implanted into the dermal layer of skin to create a realistic 3-D nipple and/or Areola. A.R.T. can be done to create a completely new nipple/Areola when one or both are missing.  It can also be used to fix imperfections, asymmetries, scars or boost coloration on existing Areolas.

Is A.R.T. for you?

-Single or Bilateral Mastectomy

-Complications due to Breast Augmentations


-Birth Defects

-Scar Camouflage

-Old Areola tattoo 

-Tattoo Corrections/Covers

Candidates for A.R.T.

 -Client should be in good health

-Completed all reconstructive surgeries

-3 months post surgery

-6 months post Chemotherapy and Radiation

-Off any blood thinning medications and steroids for at least 1 week

*If the client is still under the supervision of a physician, they will need to provide written consent from their Physician to have reconstructive tattooing. 

Paying for Treatment
We except all major credits cards, Care Credit, and Cash.

 Insurance- Some insurance companies will help cover the cost of reconstructive tattooing. While we do not bill the insurance directly, we can provide the client with a Super Bill, so they may submit for reimbursement. Clients must check with their insurance company for details prior to procedures to ensure coverage.

We want to help!- If it is really important to you that you have this procedure but can't afford it, let us help you figure out a way!